What is CryptoThunks?

A platform for following and receiving price alerts for your favourite cryptocurrencies, built completely serverlessly on AWS.

Who are you?

My name is Luke Rogerson.

I am a full-stack software engineer, with a passion for all things cloud, serverless and tech.

How do I use CryptoThunks?

Take a look at the help page.

  1. I have an interest in crypto.
  2. While price alerts are hardly a revolutionary feature, I find most crypto exchanges only allow you to follow coins that they trade. Want to receive updates about coins like Chia? You can with CryptoThunks!
  3. I did it for the learning. To name a few technologies I wanted to practice more with - DynamoDB, AppSync, CDK and Next.js.

Tech stack?

The whole thing is built completely serverlessly on AWS using AppSync, DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, Cognito and more (see diagram below).

CryptoThunks arcitechture diagram

It uses AWS CDK for the infrastructure as code tool, with the backend built in Python.

The frontend uses TypeScript, React and Next.js, with Tailwind CSS for the styling. The web Push API is used to send the price alert push notifications.

What's with the name?

It's a super-duper clever play on the popular CryptoPunks NFT, duh! A thunk is a programming term for a function that returns another function.

Why didn't you include __ feature or build __?

I'm only one person, and I work full-time. I'm proud to have taken CrpytoThunks all the way to a v1 release, but of course I did have to take certain design decisions and not include everything I would have liked to get it here. Hopefully I can get to your idea in the future!

Where can I suggest an idea or flag a bug?

Please submit them here!

What's next for CryptoThunks?

Let's see first how it performs with a few users and after some bugs emerge, then we can talk what's next!